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The Sacred Art of Nursing

A Mindful Approach to Nursing Care



I came here feeling depleted and tired of nursing. I’m leaving feeling inspired and I remember and feel my passion again!

I feel more grounded after being here, more connected to myself, more able to be present with patients, administration, to set boundaries and ask for help.

This has been the most personally rewarding conference I have attended. These lessons will ripple throughout my personal, professional, and educational life.

I had no set expectations for this retreat, I am so very fortunate that I was here – the content is so applicable to my role as a nurse, but also as my role as an individual.

I learned the value of being a “human being” rather than a “human doing” all over again.

The outer shell I place on my heart was cracked open. I work alone a lot and had forgotten how sharing job related experiences help me remember why I became a nurse.

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