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The Sacred Art of Nursing

A Mindful Approach to Nursing Care


Mindfulness for Nurses

Six Week Class

To Be Scheduled

8 CEU's 

What a time to be a Nurse! Please join us in this opportunity to gather with other nurses to share our hearts and draw on our collective wisdom as a support for these wild and powerful times we are all living through.   

Integrating the practice of mindfulness into nursing care helps us develop an inner steadiness and balance to meet the challenges and complexities of life and work.

In this six-week course nurses will be introduced to key concepts of mindfulness and its relationship to health and well-being. The curriculum focuses on the experiential cultivation of both formal and informal mindfulness practices as a foundation for the development of inner wisdom and ongoing support. We will explore the application of mindfulness in both personal and professional life to promote self-care, compassion and resilience.


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Upcoming Events

Mindfulness for Nurses   6-week class  

To Be Scheduled

IONS EarthRise Retreat Center - Petaluma, CA

2021 (TBD)

About Sacred Art of Nursing

Inspiration for the Sacred Art of Nursing was born out of our work together in the early days of Hospice care. We had the opportunity to practice nursing in a way that honored the wisdom and dignity of patients and families to support peaceful life closure. ‘Sacred´in this context is meant to convey a deep respect for the mystery of life and death and has no religious affiliation.

Over the years we began to recognize a resonance between the Sacred Art of Nursing and the practice of mindfulness. We identified the art of nursing as just as important as clinical skills.

We are passionate about supporting nurses in their extraordinary commitment to patient care. We created ‘The Sacred Art of Nursing’ to host workshops and retreats focused on Mindfulness for Nurses. Our mission is to share evidence-based mindfulness practices to develop crucial skills to avoid emotional and physical depletion and to maintain a sense of personal balance. These skills are central to the healer’s art and vital to professional health and longevity.

The Sacred Art of Nursing cultivates a mindful approach to nursing care that fosters:

  • Respect for the dignity and integrity of both patient and nurse
  • Increased awareness and presence in daily interactions with patients and colleagues
  • Inner resources to meet the challenges and complexities in health care
  • A practice of self-care that replenishes body, mind, and spirit
  • Compassionate care to alleviate suffering
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